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Petrogas Jahan


PetroGas Jahan Engineering is an independent full engineering services provider to the domestic & international energy & infrastructure industries. PetroGas Jahan Engineering Company was founded in 2006 by JahanPars Group (with more than 5 decades of experiences in Energy Industries development) as its engineering subsidiary.


Petrogas Jahan is aiming to provide best in class engineering services to its clients by utilizing new techniques & technologies with due consideration for our society, environment & beneficiaries. Petrogas Jahan strives to increase its know-how, its technical capabilities, its profitability, & maintain its place in today’s competitive market.


While leading a dynamic & active setup in the fields of oil and gas (engineering & procurement services), as well as collaborating with prestigious individuals & organizations in national & international markets, Petrogas Jahan, as an Iranian engineering company, endeavors to accomplish national & international recognition in its fields of operation.


  • More than 120 qualified engineers in different branches
  • More than 1500 m2 furnished work environment
  • In-house information systems
  • Latest engineering softwares

Recent Projects

Azar Oilfield Development

Azar oilfield includes a Central Processing Facilities (CPF) which is a production unit. Operating capacity of the CPF is 30000 BOPD in early production stage of Azar oilfield and 65000 BOPD in final production stage.

Yadavaran Oilfield

The Yadavaran oilfield (previously referred to as Kushk and Hosseinieh Fields), is located some 70km to the southwest of Ahwaz and is near the Iran-Iraq border in southwest Iran.

Bidboland II

Bid Boland Gas Treating Plant-II (BB2) is located in the South West part of Iran, about 15 km North West of Behbahan city in Khuzestan province. Bid Boland Gas Treating Plant-II is comprised of industrial and nonindustrial areas.

Aboozar Platform

The Aboozar oilfield is located In Persian Gulf some 75 KM to the west of Kharg Island district. This project includes two Aboozar A20 & A21 new wellhead platforms and infield pipe lines and subsea cables.